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Call Law and Associates 604-682-6868. Questions about your home purchase or sale? Are you a First Time Home buyer?

We provide the calculator below only as an estimate for entertainment and should not be relied on for any GST/HST calculations or determinations. If you have questions or would like to have someone at Law and Associates take care of your purchase/sale, please call us at 604-682-6868.

**The Return from HST to GST and PST on April 1, 2013 resulted in changes to the rebates for new home buyers and added a new transition tax.
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Enter Purchase price before taxes:
Is the home New Construction?
Do you qualify as a first time home buyer?
Is the completion Date before April 1 2013?
GST Tax $0
BC GST Housing Rebate $0
Property Transfer Tax $0
First Time Home Buyer Property Transfer Tax Exemption $0
Total Taxes after rebates applied $0
Total Cost of home after applying taxes, rebates, and exemptions (not including transitional tax...see note below) $0
IMPORTANT NOTE for BC Transitional Tax: An additional 2% tax for completion dates after April 1, 2013 may be applied if construction started before April 1, 2013 (10% complete) and completion date is before April 1, 2015 . For more information, please contact our office at (604) 682-6868. $0

CHOOSE your own team! Few people know that they can choose their own lawyer for their Purchase, Sale or Transfer. Fewer people understand that choosing one is like choosing your own team mate -- Once you decide to work with Law and Associates, we begin to coordinate with all the necessary professionals to ensure that your best interests are covered, NOT the interests of others.

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